Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Playful Fashion..

Tennis is one of my passions.. Since I live in a small city, there arent any tennis courts, but I would sure love to learn to play it some day. So as of now, I satisfy myself by following it in television :)

Right now, Wimbledon, one of my favorite grand slams is going on.. Its held in London, England. What makes Wimbledon stand out are its green grass courts, no advertisements visible on the courts and the players are dressed in all white. Why all white?? Traditionally, white is considered the colour of sport since it stands for purity. Since the Wimbledon Championships places great emphasis on tradition, it insists that players wear only white. But, dont think that will make the tennis players forget how to dress.. Just have a look below.

Surprised to see the great Roger Federer accessorising with gold !!! Many were.. But i liked it, its good to see some color as well as some risks.. Also note how the gold is cleverly used in the jacked lining and in the shoes. Rest of the men's tournament is kinda boring from the fashion point of view. Its all white with black linings and patches.. Boring !!!!!

Now to the ladies.. and you dont have say or write anything. Just keep scrolling down.

Starting with one of the dresses that i loved..Wonderful bag and even exciting is the jacket. Stunning Maria Sharapova. Below, Maria a couple of days before the tournament at a store.

On to the two William sisters..liked Venus(on the top) a bit better then Serena (bottom)

Another fav, Ana Ivanovic.
On the right, Ana at a Wimbledo pre party

And finally..take a look at this

Dinara Safina... She is currently the number one female tennis player..dress up accordingly!!!!! Add some feminine touch

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