Friday, July 3, 2009

Snaps from above

I love space.. Its so fascinating, the idea of planets and there being countless of them, and we..the lucky one residing in one such small planet in the entire universe.. its so mysterious. There was a time when I wanted to become a astronaut..Explore the world, the space, the universe.. Well, I didnt become one. But that doesnt stop me from reading and keeping myself engaged with it.. Here I found this snaps of our home taken by the International Space Station astronauts. Breathtaking!!!

1. Ahile above the Pacific Ocean on may 11, 2009, ISS astronauts shot this photo of a waning gibbous moon, slightly distorted, seen through the Earth's atmosphere. (NASA/JSC)

2. A view of the Atlantic Ocean alongside Bahia Oso Marino and Punta Buque, Argentina. (NASA/JSC)

3. Smoke blows eastward from a mountain slope in Canada's Rocky Mountains near Banff and Canmore. (NASA/JSC)

4. Roads and circular fields in the desert in Egypt. (NASA/JSC)

(This one's one of my fav.. When I first saw it, I couldnt believe it to be a looks like crop circles made by aliens.. so so beautiful)

6. A ship plies the waves in the Bay of Biscay. (NASA/JSC)

7. Ice floes clumping in Russia's Sea of Okhotsk (NASA/JSC)

8. Tidal channels near Iran's Qeshm Island. (NASA/JSC)

9. Charles De Gaulle Airport, in the suburbs of Paris, France. (NASA/JSC)

10. Part of the Amistad Reservoir on the Rio Grande in Texas. (NASA/JSC)

11. Evaporation ponds in Pampa Del Tamarugal, Chile. (NASA/JSC)

(U got to see this image in full screen, just click on the photograph..and see the picture in its full beauty..They are ponds on the earth's sur )

12. Mount Everest (NASA/JSC)