Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Something Spectacular

Lets start with you guessing what is in the pic above.. guessed.. Its easy.. very easy. No..its not a cap. I think its your favorite. Its scrumptious, appetizing, heavenly.. A cake !!!!! Surprised.. then you are really gonna love what you are going to see next.. I'll talk later, first just feast your eyes...

Birds of Paradise

Eastern Promise

Rose Blossom


Cascading Lily


Candy Stripe

Cascading Lily

Firecracker Tiffany Pearl

Cascading Rose & Lily

Rose Helter Skelter



Spring Rain

A bit of desi touch..

Some Royal Cakes..

Apparently this was the cake made for the marriage of Pierce Brosnan.. Obviously it was larger than this

This is the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Wedding cake. Designed and created to celebrate the 60th Wedding anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. I read that the decoration on the cake was inspired by the Queen's wedding gown.. now, thats a Royal Cake!!!

The process that goes behind it

This amazing and breathtaking cakes are made by Mich Turner, called the Bentley of Cake Makers.. She is a leading designer of couture wedding, birthday and celebration cakes. I saw her creations on a tv show, and I couldnt stop myself from googling her. And what I found was just pure work of art. I have just selected the pictures of the cakes that I liked the most, you can peek at it also at http://www.lvcc.co.uk/index.asp. These are really Spectacular Cakes.. However if you are thinking of ordering them..do check the prices.. they are called couture cakes for nothing..

And yes..I have added the cake's names on the side.. My favorite is Spring Rain.. whats yours??